An increasing number of design firms, public policymakers and private companies have joined our practice-based research consortium.

Opportunities to use and develop new tools help to identify factors that can affect user outcomes and demonstrate the human return on investment in design.  

The Design + Health Co-Laboratory partners with some of the world’s leading architectural, engineering and design firms that have long-standing commitments to design research. These industry partners offer both practice-based insights as well as opportunities for on-site studies at architectural through urban scales.

Members of the Design + Health Co-Laboratory are pursuing several topics which are also noted as specific items of interest by the AIA Design + Health Research Consortium: 

  • Physical activity (influence of infrastructure, active and universal design strategies)
  • Sensory conditions (impact of acoustic, lighting, dimension and the physical features of design)
  • The impact of design on mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.